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What’s moving CIOs in Asia Pacific to Hybrid IT?

The call of the CIO is shifting in the digital era, and technology has increasingly started to set the agenda for the CIO. The mandate has changed: We need to create centres for business innovation. To make this work, we have to revisit the way we guide our organisation, and devise a strategy that can anticipate future developments – one that blends the best of on and off-premise worlds: the security of owned, the agility of as-a-service.

We call this Hybrid IT.

Hybrid IT is an approach to enterprise computing in which an organisation provides and manages some information technology resources in-house but uses cloud-based services for others. As ZDNet reports, it uses the best approach to solve unique business challenges, thereby harnessing the best suited part of the IT infrastructure — public or private cloud, hosted environment — saving time, money and resources.

Digital transformation is reshaping the competitive landscape around us, and CIOs are increasingly being challenged to offer more than ‘just’ infrastructure support. Social, mobile, cloud, analytics, Internet of Things, bimodal IT: these are forcing CIOs to enable technology to become a catalyst for innovation and growth.

According to Mayank Kapoor (Frost & Sullivan Industry Principal, ICT – Data Centre and Cloud Computing, Asia Pacific) although Hybrid IT is defining the new normal, the Cloud is enabling the accelerated adoption of new technologies such as Big Data, the Internet of Things and Connected Industries.

These two trends (Hybrid IT and Cloud Enabling Technologies) are also creating a strong demand for data centre and cloud services. This in turn is driving the data centre construction frenzy across Asia-Pacific.

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Frost & Sullivan research estimates the market in Asia-Pacific to have been worth US$25.7 billion in 2014. It is expected to grow at a CAGR in excess of 20% over the 2014 to 2019 period to reach US$65.2 billion. Frost & Sullivan expects the cloud services to be the dominant segment of the market with a CAGR of 33.1% for the forecast period.

“In Singapore, for example, we are witnessing investments worth over a billion dollars over the next three years to establish more than 1 million square feet of raised floor space, and that is a conservative estimate. We at Frost & Sullivan believe that this is the start of the Everything as a Service (XaaS) era, with managed services at the heart of it,” explained Kapoor.

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Opportunities presented by Hybrid IT

  • Identifying your low hanging fruit, and find the easy wins wherever they are
  • Data becomes the new oil, providing the business with real time, holistic picture of its operations
  • Timing and flexibility: Equipment nearing end of life + need for quick and easy scalability? Hybrid IT is for you

So how do you harness hybrid IT to accelerate your business ambitions?

That’s the question Dimension Data and meettheboss asked 25 leading IT professionals, from fields as diverse as banking and entertainment. What did they all agree on? That hybrid IT offers the ‘best of both worlds’ in terms of in-house resources and cloud-based services. But it’s not just about investing in technology’s future – it’s also about aligning that investment model to business outcomes.

What is needed, agreed our 25 roundtable participants – information technology leaders from such diverse worlds as banking, entertainment, manufacturing and utilities – is a new approach. One that blends the best of on and off-premise worlds: the security of owned, the agility of as-a-service. This is hybrid IT. And this is why CIOs are increasingly choosing it…

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Andy Cocks

Andy Cocks is the Chief Technology Officer, Dimension Data Asia Pacific