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What causes networks in Asia Pacific to fail?

Results from the Network Barometer Report 2015 are here, and this year we’ve completed regional analyses of the Americas, Europe, Middle East & Africa, Australia, and Asia Pacific. One of our core dimensions (support services), asked the question ‘what causes networks to fail?’ – Here are the results for Asia Pacific:

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In terms of incidents by resolution category, the results for Asia Pacific mirror the global increase in the proportion of hardware failures we’ve seen this year, although the rise isn’t as sharp as the overall average. Similarly, the percentage of configuration errors and software bugs increased in this region, compared with last year’s figures. The larger proportion of hardware incidents is due to a general increase in devices managed by Dimension Data, in combination with an overall reduction in obsolete devices. The earlier the device is in its lifecycle, the more prone it would be to hardware failures and software problems that haven’t been identified and solved yet during its shorter lifespan.

Asia Pacific saw the strongest improvement in the percentage of telco failures across all regions, down from 36% last year to 21% this year, which also contributed to the larger proportions of hardware and software failures.

Counting together other human errors (21%) and configuration errors (16%), mistakes made by people account for 37% of all failures in this region and are potentially avoidable. Of all root causes, only software bugs (3%) and hardware errors (34%) would fall within the terms of a basic support contract, adding up to a total of 37%. This implies that the largest percentage of incidents – a total of 63% in this region – would need to be handled and remedied by organisations themselves. That is, if they don’t have network monitoring, support, and management services in place.

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Brent Angus

Brent is the General Manager for the Networking Business Unit, Dimension Data Asia Pacific