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We’ve adopted the White Rhino exhibit at Singapore Zoological Gardens

At Dimension Data, we’re big fans of the rhino. It all started with Connected Conservation, a Pilot Project we conducted in collaboration with Cisco in 2016. It didn’t stop there for us at Dimension Data Asia Pacific because we adopted an entire White Rhino Exhibit at the Singapore Zoological Gardens on 6 February 2017.

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Described by the Singapore Zoo as “gentle giants”, these magnificent creatures are amongst Africa’s most iconic mammals. In recent years, the rhino population began to dramatically decrease because of poachers, who illegally hunt rhinos for their horns.

Efforts to curb this included darting the rhino, drilling into the horn, inserting a sensor, and tracking it. Dimension Data and Cisco teamed together to offer a solution that was much less traumatic on these gentle giants: A proactive approach is to intercept rhino poaching syndicates before they can harm the animal.

Following our love for these wonderful creatures, Dimension Data Group CEO Jason Goodall, Asia Pacific CEO John Lombard and Managing Director, Png Kim Meng unveiled the Singapore Zoo’s White Rhinoceros Exhibit – proudly sponsored by Dimension Data. ­

Using technology to change conservation

Bruce Watson, Executive Head of the Dimension Data and Cisco alliance, said of the Connected Conservation project that South Africa is home to 70% of the remaining rhinos in the world. Rhino on the reserve are a major tourist attraction and a source of employment for local communities. We didn’t believe the animals should be subjected to intrusive and often unsafe protection methods – like dehorning or tracking devices.

Our solution doesn’t touch the animals. It allows them to roam freely in a safe haven – as it should be. We monitor the movement of people, who are often the real threat to this magnificent species, as well as others.

Learn more about how technology transforms conservation, and get in touch with us to find out how you can use technology to transform your business.



Esther Quah

Esther is the Director, Brand Management for Dimension Data Asia Pacific