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Unlocking tomorrow’s digital enterprise

According to IDC, by late 2019, 5% of enterprise organisations will begin piloting smartphones as their company’s singular IT-supported 3-in-1 device

The lines between the physical workplace, and the place where the work actually happens, are increasingly blurred, and employees are demanding a truly digital way of working — with increased collaboration and communication in unprecedented ways, a demand that organisations are grappling with, from the perspective of enabling. In fact, the days of looking at the workspace as a physical environment are long gone. For any business or IT leader to imagine that today’s “always connected” workforce is simply happy sitting where they are asked to and operate out of a physical environment is staring at either being significantly disrupted or losing market share to competition.

The real question then becomes: Can business leaders, CIOs, and IT leaders today claim to have enabled truly digital workspaces — where employees and the overall ecosystem can share knowledge and forge more productive business relationships beyond natural work groups? The answer more often than not will be “NO.” Should they be worried? The answer is a resounding “YES.” The Digital Workspace is no longer an option — it is an imperative.

In this Microsoft-commissioned IDC study, Dimension Data’s Workspaces for Tomorrow solutions are assessed with in today’s market scenario. It outlines the current enterprise trends along with appropriate use cases to lead the reader toward informed decision making about such offerings as Dimension Data’s services on Microsoft Office 365, which aim to address enterprise needs for a reliable, mobile, flexible, secure, and cost-effective solution for the enterprise of today.

IDC: Unlocking tomorrow's digital enterprise with with @IDCAP

What does this mean for you? It essentially means that unless a set of transformative initiatives are put in place, you risk losing employees and your agility and responsiveness to the changing dynamics of the marketplace. You have everything to gain by reading it, and absolutely nothing to lose. What are you waiting for?

 Download the IDC study here

Kane Steele

Kane Steele is the General Manager – End User Computing, Dimension Data Asia Pacific