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The key to digital dominance is an outstanding customer experience

With the recent release of Dimension Data’s 2017 Global CX Benchmarking Report, the vital role of an organisation’s Customer Experience touch-points, from the contact centre to a wide array of digital channels including social media, has been thrown into sharp focus.

The world has developed a digital skin – a pervasive network of data and services that accompany, enhance and fundamentally alter the way we live, work and interact. And considering the results of this year’s 20th Anniversary Global CX Benchmarking Report, organisations of all sizes and sectors would be wise to accommodate it. Technologically literate consumers expect their corporate communications to mimic their private ones – digitally focused, always-on, omnichannel, and instant.

Key Findings

Well-established market leaders are waking up to an uncomfortable truth. No matter your track record, high performing disruptors can, and will, rise to the top by committing to the opportunities created by the digital revolution. The 2017 Global CX Benchmarking Report reveals that 83% of businesses already realise the potential of outstanding CX to be a key competitive differentiator, and that digital CX transformation can result in cost savings (reported by 85% of respondents) and a boost in revenue and profits (reported by 88% of respondents).

Although awareness is high, transformative action continues to lag behind. Just 17% of respondents rate their own CX delivery with a score of 9/10 or higher, and only 14% consider their digital business strategy to be optimised – failings that can likely be attributed to a lack of clearly defined roles and mandates for CX managers. 35% of respondents admit to not having a single person in charge of CX, and of those who do, just 40% are at board level.

But change is happening, driven forward by ever more competitive business landscapes and digitally demanding consumers. Our report shows that the average number of contact channel options is currently at 9, and this number is expected to rise to 11 within one year. Chatbots and virtual assistants are a top growth focus for 2017, and this trend is also expected to continue – 76% of respondents predict a rise in assisted-service volumes, as well as an increase in fully automated points of contact.

For more insights into the impact of digital CX transformation in the Asia Pacific region and around the world, as well as recommendations to help your business accelerate its own digital CX journey, click here to download our summary.

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Harold Thng

Harold Thng is the Customer Experience Director, ASEAN for Dimension Data Asia Pacific