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The evolution of security: From server room to board room

How proactive intelligence can improve cyber security resilience. Part 1: The evolution of security: From server room to board room:

I recently gave a presentation on the evolution of cyber security and its move from server room to board room. We all know it’s a scary place out there, so I wasn’t going to talk doom and gloom. Instead, what I wanted to do was highlight how central the cyber security topic is in our society, and how we can integrate the four dimensions of people, process, technology and automation to improve digital security.

I’ve been in the field of security for 17 years now, and in this time, we’ve seen security moving from the server room to the board room, and even into the oval office. It’s become a pervasive, global issue. In general, we know that security drives profitability, client loyalty and cost-reduction. The security market, however, is still very fragmented, with a lot of niche products, a lot of skill-intensive technology, and an aging security infrastructure. While the market is growing, for the business and IT and an enabler, employees want more access to information, any time and from anywhere. We also need to concede that security controls are not functioning properly enough. The bad guys have shown us that there is still a lot of work ahead of us in the cyber security fight. Technology providers, system integrators and service providers together are gearing up for the next-generation of cyber threats.

If you look at the current security market, and security in general, we see a number of challenges we are dealing with:

  • Security risks, which are increasing rapidly
  • More sever and persistent threats
  • Organisations are having difficulty recruiting and retaining the right skills
  • Demands to do more with reduces budget and resources
  • Compliance mandates continue to grow
  • Multi-vendor security environments are difficult to manage and more complex
  • Secure platforms as an enabler of digital innovations

As a company we have established a profound methodology to assist clients to deal with these challenges. With our assessments, technology partners and managed services, we create visibility and reduce risks.

Guido Crucq

Guido is the Group SVP – Security for Dimension Data, and previously the General Manager for the Security Business...