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Securing the data centre

Your data centre is a bull’s eye for cyberattacks, and today’s security threats have outwitted the defences of most businesses. Not surprisingly, cybersecurity has emerged from the backroom to the attention of the boardroom. Each new technology increases the attack surface of your critical information, spreading across servers, devices and applications that hold sensitive information. Furthermore, virtualisation and cloud security add complexity in the modern data centre. You can spin up new services faster, but can you provision security for them just as fast?

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Digital information is the lifeblood of every modern organisation. Used properly, it can be transformed into knowledge for guiding strategy, making key business decisions and managing day-to-day operations. For data to be used in these ways, it has to be untainted, kept safe, and made available. This means that the data centre, the ‘heart’ through which almost all data flows, has to be kept healthy and secure.

The question becomes, how do you enforce consistent security policies across your physical your physical and virtual environments, or in the cloud? How do you continuously meet SLA and compliance requirements?

We understand the difficulties you face in securing the next generation data centre. Virtualisation is a key component in today’s data centre. Its benefits are well known, but so are its security challenges, such as consistent policies on moving workloads, or gaining visibility of east-west traffic between virtual machines. These demand a secure architectural approach – virtual firewalls, protection against DDoS, and advance persistent threats (APTs). But staying secure with limited resources and skills, while meeting the business goals of growth, cost-efficiency and productivity is becoming challenging.

Watch this video to learn about Dimension Data’s approach for establishing a secure ecosystem of controls in the modern data centre and how Managed Services for Security can help by providing a highly skilled team with proven processes, real-time-threat incident management and leading-edge technology to secure your data centre.

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Guido Crucq

Guido is the Group SVP – Security for Dimension Data, and previously the General Manager for the Security Business...