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Risk less, achieve more with cybersecurity

Cyberattacks abound in the digital age. But as you explore new ways of doing business, you need to balance risk with innovation. Securing your data shouldn’t be the last aspect you look at when you’ve already built your infrastructure; it should be the departure point. We’ll help you transform your network to be both the sensor and the enforcer of your security strategy. You’ll be able to shield your most precious asset, data, in ways that will allow you to risk less and achieve more.

With the release of the 2016 cybersecurity trends, we had a rude awakening to the new year of cybersecurity. Just some of the findings included:

  • ​​Some 52% of data that should be protected, isn’t – including financial information and medical records – IDC
  • By 2018, 2/3s of corporate networks will have an Internet of Things security breach – IDC
  • 76% of identified vulnerabilities in enterprise systems were >2 years old, and almost 9% of them were >10 years old – 2015 Global Threat Intelligence Report, NTT/Dimension Data

It also recorded that enterprise security market to grow to USD 118 billion by 2019, a prediction by Transform to Better Perform.

The important thing to do in this climate is to partner with someone who understands the difficulties of balancing risk and innovation​. Risks seen in the financial and reputational risks associated with an IT/data breach, the increased security risk associated with the mobile workforce, compliance with industry regulations and the difficulty recruiting and retaining skilled cybersecurity resources.

We can help you risk less and achieve more through 700 security specialists, architects and engineers across the globe using transformative technologies​ that will accelerate your journey towards becoming a digital business.​​  Find out more by clicking here.

Guido Crucq

Guido is the Group SVP – Security for Dimension Data, and previously the General Manager for the Security Business...