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Protecting your business in an era of borderless networks

According to a Cisco estimation, there will be 50 billion devices connected to the Internet by 2020. In an age where businesses (and consumers) are moving swiftly into the Internet of Things, we cannot afford to ignore the security implications this brings into the corporate network. It’s time to protect our business, and users, from pervasive security threats that lurk around almost every corner.

The 2016 Global threat Intelligence Report shows us that end-users remain the weakest link in the corporate security chain. They are the target of most attacks, and user-education, training and a disciplined patch management programme are critical to raising an organisation’s defences. Chief amongst these threats affecting end users are exploit kits delivered via social engineering and phishing attacks. Standard security awareness training is no longer enough to protect businesses that maintain highly sensitive data. These businesses need to implement real world technologies tested in real world situations.



In addition to the risks posed by end-user devices and their users, the risks of data loss and downtime can be catastrophic to a business. These have massive impacts on productivity levels of our mobile workers, not to mention the impact that network downtime can have on said productivity.

Now imagine you could minimise the risks of data loss and downtime, improve productivity and minimise the impact of network speed in one go. With our security solutions bundle, you could retrospectively monitor to identify new and unknown threats, provide enhanced protection for BYOD environments, assign different levels of Internet and social media access for individual users and control access for applications, users and devices.


Remember that security shouldn’t be a compromise. As your business grows, so do the challenges in keeping it safe – but this doesn’t mean cutting corners elsewhere. You are a next-generation enterprise. Have it all. Tap the benefits of mobility, cloud, and other new technologies, while staying above their security complexities. Safeguard your business and brand reputation in a rapidly evolving threat landscape – without the costs and hassle. Find out more about this by viewing our Commercial at Work site.

Guido Crucq

Guido is the Group SVP – Security for Dimension Data, and previously the General Manager for the Security Business...