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Protecting the rhino by tracking people

Technology holds the key to transforming business in ways that we’re only starting to recognise. Today, we’re able to communicate with distant colleagues, friends, and family with a simple click. People who were once unable to gain access to education are now able to harness technology to learn new skills. Health professionals are able to provide greater levels of service than ever before, thanks to these incredible advances. Dimension Data is proud to be among those businesses that are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Technology can truly be a force for positive change in the world, and I’m proud of the great work our people have done to help our clients enable greatness through technology.

One such project, in collaboration with Cisco, is called Connected Conservation. This pilot project saw the deployment of some of the world’s most sophisticated technology in an unnamed private game reserve adjacent to the world-renowned Kruger National Park in South Africa to monitor and track individuals from the time they enter the reserve gates, until they exit. South Africa currently faces rhino poaching challenges.

The goal is to proactively intervene and stop people entering the reserve illegally – whether it’s cutting fences, being dropped onto the ground by helicopters, or simply driving in through the entrance gates.

Over time, the technology will be replicated in other reserves in South Africa, Africa, and globally, to not only protect rhino, but conserve other endangered species including elephants, lions, pangolin, tigers in India and Asia, and even sea rays in the ocean.

Our strategy is inspired by our belief that this is a time for greatness. It’s founded in our conviction that technology advancements and the rise of the digital era have the potential to unlock unprecedented possibilities for businesses … and unleash opportunities that we’re only just starting to recognise.

This is an era for greatness. The potential of the digital age outstrips every preceding era tenfold. In this world of infinite possibilities, paradigms shift so frequently that suddenly things that we grew up with – companies, brands, products, processes, and even long-held beliefs – are turned on themselves. Every day, with the increase in the power, reach and capacity of technology, we have the ability to deliver more, better, faster, more directly and cost-effectively than ever before.

If you want to understand more about how our great people are tirelessly and passionately working to fulfil your ambition, read about the project here, or watch my interview with Channel News Asia in which I discuss the project.

Andy Cocks

Andy Cocks is the Chief Technology Officer, Dimension Data Asia Pacific