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Protecting the data that matters

Data loss prevention (DLP) is a hot topic right now, and it is vital that organisations protect the data that matters. Both the profitability and integrity of your business depends on protecting your data responsibly.

Data can take many forms including web pages, e-mails, electronic and paper documents, data bases, to name a few. It also exists in various contexts: ‘data at rest’ resides on storage mediums such as endpoint devices; ‘data in transit’ traverses the network; ‘data in use’ passes through a computer’s Central Processing Unit; and ‘data beyond boundaries’ is located outside of the organisation’s direct control.

DLP cuts through this complexity and allows you to centrally control and monitor data flows and prevent leakages, irrespective of the location, type and profile of the data.

DLP also allows organisations to set up, operate, and distribute an effective security policy for information flow in order to keep control of critical information such as blueprints, financial metrics, and source code, prevent accidental breaches of compliance and confidentiality policy, and support users’ mobility while using laptops or smaller devices. It also enables individuals to optimise the value of your data. DLP is, therefore, not as much a technical issue as it is a business issue.

This journey towards securing your data need not necessarily be fraught with risk and uncertainty. With some focus, data loss prevention is achievable and will allow you to unlock the benefits that the new business paradigm of collaboration and mobility promises.

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Guido Crucq

Guido is the Group SVP – Security for Dimension Data, and previously the General Manager for the Security Business...