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Kiss customer authentication issues goodbye

Your voice is your password with biometric authentication

There’s an exciting trend in customer analytics and it’s gaining massive traction. According to our annual Click CX Benchmarking Report, evolving data capture trends including the use of voice biometrics and related customer authentication techniques, are driving more seamless, and better designed customer experiences. The usage of customer identity mechanisms to tailor and personalise future customer experiences mandates organisations must deliver intelligent automation in the CX journey.

Automation enables a drop in costly costly human agent interventions, and deepening integration of artificial intelligence techniques will continue as a significant growth area. Virtual agents leveraging the increased data that’s being captured, can provide knowledge to power and enhance the CX by delivering real-time information. These developments have exciting implications for self-service as well as workforce optimisation and cost cutting. Our research shows that self- or assisted-services can improve CX, reduce costs and respond to customers’ appetite for digital as part of an omnichannel strategy. Proactive automation techniques that pre-empt customer needs is an inevitable next step and will be a capability for the majority by the end of the year.

Automation levels are increasing. Voice biometrics system deployments have doubled and are gaining significant momentum.

Customer login details, at 50.8%, remains the top mechanism used to verify customers on automated channels. At 40.7% it’s also the most common method for assisted-service transactions. Manual identifications are decreasing, but it’s still by some way the most common experience encountered on telephone interactions and highlights a significant opportunity for streamlining that’s still being missed.

While still perceived as a niche solution for some, the use of voice biometric systems is gaining traction. Deployments have doubled in the last year, and by a near 150% since 2015. It’s applied in steady measure across every channel grouping. There’s evidence of keen focus within several industry sectors too, where some deployments levels are almost double the global benchmark.

Why it matters:

The use of voice biometrics for both customer authentication, identification as well as fraud detection is a key trend in the industry across channels, with many organisations seeing improvements in identification and verification rates, as well as reductions in operational costs related to manual identification processes.

How you can accelerate this seamless journey for our customers:

  • Basic: Outline areas where your customers can identify themselves, for example, with the interactive voice response, on the web, when connected to an agent, among others.
  • Intermediate: Begin to take steps towards automated identification, such as via matching caller ID, or, take a verified customer on a web portal and allow them direct phone access tied to the existing verification.
  • Advanced: As use cases grow, expand the scope of automated identification to include verification as well (through voice biometrics or a similar mechanism).

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Pranay Anand

Pranay Anand is the Senior Manager, Customer Experience at Dimension Data