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Information technology in 2016: A year in review

It’s been a year of amazing innovation when it comes to enabling and accelerating digital business, and equally astounding year in terms of the risks these have brought to the business. Indeed, digital business is on everyone’s mind, and has been since the release of the 2016 IT trends to watch. Now, we look back at the previous year and see how we are helping our clients harness the power of technology to accelerate digital business.

Enterprises have come to rely on collaboration

The Connected Enterprise Report, released earlier this year, showed that Nearly 40% of organisations don’t have a defined unified communication and collaboration strategy. Conversely, it showed that of those organisations who have defined this had turned to collaboration to improve sales (14%) and increase productivity (19%).  A clear majority of those survey (81%) also said that collaboration has enhanced their ability to engage with customers and improve customer service. Interestingly, we found that nearly one in three IT departments see moving unified communication and collaboration to the cloud as the most important technology trend affecting their collaboration strategy. Do you have a clearly defined collaboration strategy? The 2016 Connected Enterprise Report can help you find out.


Using transformative technology to accelerate digital business

Our pilot Connected Conservation project, in collaboration with Cisco, saw unique use of transformative technology to approach the rhino poaching crisis that Africa faces. Most rhino conservation efforts are reactive, such as darting the rhino, drilling into the horn, inserting a sensor, and tracking it. Traditional methods are traumatic and stressful for the animal. A proactive approach is to intercept rhino poaching syndicates before they can harm the animal. Our technology was different: We use technology to protect the rhino by tracking people. See how we did it, and how it can benefit your business, here.


Actionable global threat intelligence: The key to a proactive cybersecurity strategy

The digital age continues to diversify and expand the way we do business. Add to this the fact that the perimeter has shifted to the end user, maintaining an acceptable cybersecurity strategy isn’t easy. The results of the 2016 Global Threat Intelligence Report demonstrated at an executive level, how an intelligence-led security model provides deeper and broader visibility into attacks, enabling organisations to more effectively detect, respond, and anticipate security breaches. Findings also included the changing profile of cybercriminals, a global threat analysis, and recommendations on end-user awareness as the first step towards achieving a strong security posture. See the full Executive Summary to the Global Threat Intelligence Report.


We discovered what’s moving CIO’s to hybrid IT

Hybrid IT, the management of in-house and cloud-based services, is gaining traction particularly with the acceleration of the technological landscape. CIOs are increasingly being challenged to offer more than ‘just’ infrastructure support. How are they meeting those challenges? Our e-book, Accelerating the digital business with hybrid IT, reviewed the questions you should be asking about maximising your organisation’s approach to hybrid IT. We look at the real-world challenges and successes of top global companies and offer you practical thought leadership for today’s digital business.


Changing workspaces… and the threats they bring

Our employees want to work anywhere, any time and from any device. At Dimension Data, we call them workspaces for tomorrow. These workspaces have seen a dramatic change in enabling the mobile worker, however they have also raised security concerns across the organisation. The Dimension Data commissioned Frost & Sullivan report, Securing Workspaces for Tomorrow, outlines how you can create workspaces for tomorrow to attract millennials, and also have you can secure them.


Networks are more core than ever to business strategy

The recently-released 2016 Network Barometer Report gauges the readiness of today’s networks to support business. Our key findings included some interesting elements:

  • 58% of devices are current – for the first time in 5 years, networks are getting younger
  • Incident response is 69% faster, and repair time 32% faster on networks we monitor
  • Almost 3/4 of incidents fall outside standard break-fix support contracts
  • Over 1/3 of incidents are caused by configuration or human error … therefore avoidable
  • 3/4 of network devices have at least one security vulnerability
  • SDN is coming soon, but not just yet – only 0.4% of devices are SDWAN-ready


At Dimension Data, we’re looking forward to seeing what 2017 brings, but in the meantime, watch this space for our annual IT trends blog coming soon.

Andy Cocks

Andy Cocks is the Chief Technology Officer, Dimension Data Asia Pacific