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Improve mobility, ensure productivity

The world as we knew it has changed. We are now at the apex of centuries of industrial and technical evolution. What took years to achieve just decades ago can now be realised in a matter of seconds. Any person with a connected device has access to the full extent of human knowledge and understanding. It’s indeed an exciting time to be alive, and as a result becoming a “Digital Business” is the new goal. Everyone wants to “go digital,” be “data driven,” or leverage analytics. But what is really needed to deliver this? There’s 4 pillars on which the digital business will be built:

  1. The digital infrastructure: Collecting, organising and harnessing information to enable your organisation to unleash the power of the data
  2. A platform to enable you to interpret data, deliver the insight to your users and customers to enable you to respond smarter and faster than ever before.
  3. Embracing a mobile first, workspaces for tomorrow strategy to evolve your employee and customer experience.
  4. Reduce risk through adopting pervasive, modern security practises enabling predictive prevention of threats.


The common thread in all of these is mobility. Smart devices are the primary way employees want to consume information, to interact with clients and to collect real time data to fuel a digital strategy. Being ‘mobile’ is no longer about email, calendar and contacts. Neither is it about just an end state where you can view a few documents on a plane. Mobile is the vehicle of digital transformation; it presents limitless opportunities for employee and customer engagement when tapped on appropriately.


Giving your team access to the tools and information they need  via mobile devices is a vital first step, and can provide a significant productivity boost. However, whilst workforce mobility can greatly enhance employees’ productivity and collaboration, there are a number of critical concerns that need to be addressed before mobile access is enabled.


Preventing risk exposure through data leakage, personal data protection, device choice, increasing IT costs and complexity – these are just some of the challenges that need to be overcome, but these concerns should not stand in your way of driving transformation.


The first stage is to get control. The plethora of devices, platforms, and operating systems used in the enterprise have added more complexity and increased threat potential.  However, it is perfectly possible to leverage a single platform to distribute, manage and enforce corporate and regulatory policies to mitigate this risk and ensure your employees have access to the things they need to drive your business forward.


According to the Dimension Data’s Mobile Workforce Report, 31% of respondent companies in Asia do not have a comprehensive management solution for phones and tablets. Interestingly, of those organisations in Asia Pacific who do have a strategy in place, 61% indicated these yield a positive ROI.

The answer is simple, and only a click away: It’s time to connect user devices, productivity and infrastructure to meet the expectation of a modern workplace. Find out how to do this by accessing our Commercial at Work microsite and find out how our Mobility solution bundle can you achieve end-user computing nirvana.


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