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How old are networks in Asia Pacific?

The Network Barometer Report 2015 has just been released, and we’re seeing that there is a growing need for more effective day-to-day network management across all corporate networks. We reached this conclusion by investigating and comparing four dimensions of network management and strategy across all regions: Technology lifecycle management, support services, security and architecture.

Technology lifecycle management: How old are today’s networks?

Of the 170,000 service incidents analysed for our services sample set, 37% came from Asia Pacific, which is the largest contribution across regions. Our first dimension, technology lifecycle management, called for us to gauge and assess the percentage of ageing or obsolete devices.

ap networks

As shown in the figure above, when compared with the global average of ageing and obsolete devices (which rose by a modest two percentage points) Asia Pacific was one of three regions in which organisations refreshed their networks more than last year – the other regions being Australia and Middle East & Africa. In the remaining two regions, there were more ageing and obsolete devices than last year. The percentage of ageing and obsolete devices in Asia Pacific reduced by four percentage points – from 54% last year to exactly half this year.

ap networks 2

Looking at devices managed by Dimension Data on behalf of clients, Asia Pacific’s percentage of obsolete devices was on a par with the global average, at around 5%. However, Asia Pacific was one of three regions that had a higher proportion of ageing devices than current devices – the other regions being the Americas and Middle East & Africa – which differs from the global average in which there were more current devices than ageing devices.

To view the full regional report, click here. Or watch this space for my next blog which will outline the regional findings for the second dimension: Support services.

Brent Angus

Brent is the General Manager for the Networking Business Unit, Dimension Data Asia Pacific