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How do your employees want to work?

“Workspaces for tomorrow” is an interesting topic of conversation, especially in the debate around creating ways to enhance productivity and efficiency. We recently hosted a Google Hangout where we discussed creating workspaces for tomorrow that work for your business, and one of the primary topics of conversation was around how next-generation employees want to work.

“Workspaces for tomorrow” means different things to different people. One question we often get is: “Does that mean we get some of those funky egg chairs and lounge around in them?” What I always say is, if that’s the task you perform in your day to day operations, then is most certainly does.

The reality is that businesses are not going to create workspaces for tomorrow just for the sake of it. They’re creating these new workspaces because they need to accommodate their employees in a way that suits their work activities, while driving innovation. It’s aimed at achieving a happy medium between our current office environments, which on the one scale is being underutilised, and on the other side of the scale using hot-desking to accommodate more people, more cost-effectively.

Next-generation employees want to be able to work any time, from anywhere and any device. They want to be able to move around and still be able to attend to emails. They want to be able to conduct meetings from home or a coffee shop.

Traditional office spaces are being challenged by the emergence of next-generation workers, who want to work any time, from anywhere and any device. They want to be able to move around and still complete their tasks. Workers are starting to realise that they can increase their productivity (while achieving a work-life balance) through mobility.

If you would like to learn more about workspaces for tomorrow, watch our full discussion here:

Neville Burdan

Neville is the General Manager, Security at Dimension Data Asia Pacific