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Financial services and customer experience: Digital needs a human touch

Digital technology is fast transforming the financial services (banking and investment) contact centre industry. Client organisations now recognise customer experience (CX) as a key differentiator. It’s has become the top indicator of strategic performance in the boardroom — it’s also the top driver for self- and assisted-service contact channel options. Yet this year’s Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Report highlights that digital channels could be more powerful if shown more of a ‘human touch’.

Four things we’ve learned about the Financial Services – banking / investment sector

  1. CX dominates boardroom strategy, as analytics validate the business case for investment
  2. Mobile app demand is surging, but usage is falling short as digital needs more of a human touch
  3. Omnichannel engagements is top industry trend but 68% can’t track customer journey’s spanning multiple channels
  4. Over one third (37%) say digital technology isn’t meeting current needs


The evolution of the contact centre has revolutionised the customer experience by offering a multichannel experience which supports other channels. Over the next four years, we anticipate that personalisation and proactive CX will come to the fore and offer an automated contact technology that results in digital-primed CX as opposed to simple telephone-primed CX. This offers unlimited possibilities for the financial sector, given that communication between customers and our client organisations in this sector hinge on a differentiated customer experience.  The true power of CX, outlined in the image below, gives competitive advantage, top strategic performance measures, and dominates the service revolution.


Another important element of customer experience is the impact of analytics as it applies to the digital channel spectrum. Customer analytics which makes intelligent sense of customer interaction data will drive the personalisation of services, and create CX differentiators.


Moving to the cloud, in one form or another, is becoming an industry standard. For many, it’s seen as a solution that drives powerful results. The results are compelling and are driving rapid adoption of cloud-based models. Most are leaning towards a hybrid cloud solution that fuses legacy systems to the cloud. This blended model is fast becoming the ‘go-to’.


To see more on how customer experience shapes the financial sector, see the industry summary report in the 2016 Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Report.

Harold Thng

Harold Thng is the Customer Experience Director, ASEAN for Dimension Data Asia Pacific