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Exploring hybrid WAN for a hybrid world

We’ve had a lot of disruption on the networking industry over the last three to five years. We’ve seen a lot of changes happening in this industry: We’ve seen an increase in mobility, which means people are accessing data from everywhere. The network has become much wider than just simply the corporate infrastructure. We’ve seen the evolution of cloud, where people are storing their data in different places.

In short: The world is changing how it accesses data. It is no longer locked in a single data centre, instead it can be anywhere in the cloud. The rules have changed, traditional ways of building networks are no longer fit for purpose in the modern cloud world.

Find out how the Hybrid WAN will let you reduce the costs to operate while enhancing the performance across the WAN. Find out how to remove the headaches of managing multiple services and carriers, whilst maintaining the flexibility you achieve from a single carrier platform.  Find out what your options
are when trying to create a modern Hybrid WAN and why it’s so important to maintain independence and flexibility.

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Brent Angus

Brent is the General Manager for the Networking Business Unit, Dimension Data Asia Pacific