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Don’t just support your customers. DELIGHT them

Gone are the days of customer service as a benchmark for quality. Where the contact centre once focused simply on responding well during phone call advent of a broadening channel access- email, chat, SMS including social media is driving the need for a 360-degree view or omnichannel integration of customer interactions. By harnessing the power of analytics, enterprise is able to craft the desired ‘customer experience’. This customer experience(CX) combines three core elements to create the perfect ecosystem: Omnichannel view of interactions, analytics which provides ‘understanding’ of the customer and personalisation.



According to the 2016 Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Report, 50.2% rank analytics as the #1 factor to reshape the industry in the next 5 years. Analytics can help businesses predict future issues and contact requests, identify agents best suited to handle contact requests, and predict upcoming peaks.

Customer analytics – and along with that, the personalisation of services – is, in general, being crafted around mass service segmentation strategies. Analytics, enabled by the digital revolution, has the power to translate commonly available big data into personal, actionable ‘small’ data. This, along with connected customer journeys and optimised workforce solutions, will transform business.



Digital needs a human touch to be most effective. The power of data analytics is helping organisations offer an enhanced choice tailored to the customer to deliver a more personalised CX. Personalisation of services will become even more important and this will be enabled by analytics. It was voted the top trend that will change the industry in next five years. However, some 79.4% of organisations still have no big picture view of interactions across service channels.

Important to keep in mind is that ‘good’ CX is designed by people, with people in mind. ‘Good’ is not a standalone technology channel. ‘Good’ is a CX that provides customers with highly productive choices that are impressively easy to access and deliver.



This principle is focused on resolving user issues ‘in-channel’ and providing assisted support for

integrated digital channels.  Connected – that is, omnichannel – customer journeys will prove a differentiator, but only when solution design dominates. We know the technology exists but, without the design, it doesn’t always work. Creating seamless transitions between channels, and between self-service and assisted service, is the ideal.

The omnichannel ideal leverages technology that creates a well-designed, dynamic customer journey that’s personalised, proactive, and informed by real-time data. Omnichannel customer journeys were voted the number one industry trend for 2016. In fact, Omnichannel capability set to rise from 22.4% to 74.6% in next two years

By combining these three elements, your customers’ experience with your enterprise becomes a top indicator of strategic performance. And if you can easily match their evolving needs with technological advancements, you not only keep your service levels on par with expectations, but you also gain a scalable platform that not just supports, but also provides that support across multiple channels—like voice, video, email, SMS, social media and more. Allowing your customers the option of reaching you on their own terms dramatically increases their satisfaction, which in turn will have a positive impact on your bottom-line.

Your modern, digitally savvy customers’ demands are changing. They’re not satisfied with just better service, but expect service through any channel—email, phone, SMS, social media, video and more. With the Contact Centre Solution Bundle, you will be in control across multi-channels, so you can enjoy superior support, and drive business outcomes with outstanding customer care experiences. The Dimension Data Contact Centre Solution Bundle offering merges these three key factors to provide a better service experience across any channel for your customers.

The bundle will allow you to:

  • Engage customers across a wide range of channels and boost customer experience
  • Know who’s talking about you and where for immediate personalised response
  • Minimal upfront investment
  • Detailed reporting to help meet compliance requirements and spur continuous improvement
  • Quicker go-to-market for sales and marketing campaigns

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Harold Thng

Harold Thng is the Customer Experience Director, ASEAN for Dimension Data Asia Pacific