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Dimension Data enabling workspaces for tomorrow

What do you think of when you hear the term “workspaces for tomorrow”? For many of our clients, this term lends itself to images of futuristic workspaces, trendy egg chairs and new age sleep pods. Yes, these elements are helping to build future workspaces, but we are talking about so much more. We’re talking about using technology to create a seamless, collaborative productivity experience.

The spirit behind workspaces for tomorrow is simple but powerful — happy people want to come to work and perhaps even work a bit longer when their environment reflects their workstyle, culture, and corporate values. The environment should enable people to perform the various tasks required from their role and provide the appropriate resources for each. It’s not just about the technology, it’s about the desk set-up, how you book rooms and resources and creating task appropriate work spaces for collaboration, private discussion and solo tasks. The technology is the enabler, not the outcome.

Dimension Data’s positioning of workspaces for tomorrow — as a flexible, smarter working option — has proved successful for many of our clients. This approach supports a user-centric approach to computing, delivering services and workspaces that truly enable a modern style of working, suiting all types of work activities. It was time to apply our solution to the new Aperia building in Singapore, where a crystal clear vision of the desired outcome enabled us to leverage technology as a catalyst for dramatic and powerful change and to enable greatness.

What were the results of this modern, collaborative new environment for Dimension data Asia Pacific?

  • A relaxed, efficient, user-centric working environment that incorporates productivity, collaboration, and creativity
  • An environment that supports tasks that require intense concentration and those that require team work and collaboration
  • Enabling Users to connect to communicaton & collaboration tools from any device seamlessly, both in and outside the office
  • An uncluttered, aesthetically pleasing work environment that reflects our Dimension Data global brand and the local culture in Asia Pacific.
  • Enhanced employee productivity and support through simplification of IT service delivery via centralisation and automation.
  • A showcase of how to turn Dimension Data Workspace for Tomorrow vision into reality

Watch the video to see how we did it, and what we can do for your business.

Neville Burdan

Neville is the General Manager, Security at Dimension Data Asia Pacific