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Digital crisis or redemption? The uncomfortable truth about customer experience

The 2017 CX Benchmarking Report has just been released, marking 20 years of benchmarking in the contact centre and customer experience spaces. We’ve summarised some of the key statistics revealed in the report, but we encourage you to delve into the full Asia Pacific report to ensure a full information set about how customer experience is changing the industry.

Digital dominance

The world has formed a digital skin, and it forever changes business, service, technology and commercial models. It’s also challenging organisations to keep the pace with changing customer behaviour. Findings from the 2017 Global Customer Experience Benchmarking Report revealed that:

  • 9 channel choices the norm, will rise to 11 by 2018; CX no1 driver for digital
  • 76% forecast increases in assisted-service volumes; 76% a rise in fully automated contacts
  • Virtual assistant (Chat bots) top growth focus in 2017; IoT to double

The full report explores additional digital dominance dimensions such as support services, digital transformation of CX in the next two years, and desired interaction split. It can be viewed in the full regional report.

Conscious journeys

Customers have wised up in a big way, and are more conscious of the journeys they take in their experience with brands. To keep the pace, customer journeys must be seamless, proactive, connected, automated and analysed. Omnichannel is a priority but the customer journey patterns need to be understood, designed and personalised.

Findings from this year’s report show a rise in:

  • Connecting customer journeys 2nd top factor to transforming CX in next 5 years; 83% already have some channels connected
  • 67% can now track customer journeys in some form, of those 51% have automated processes available

However, decreases have been seen in some dimensions:

  • 8% have all channels connected; Just another 30% have most connected
  • 59% channels are being managed in silos; 47% channel data not actively shared between teams
  • 72% fail to collect data to review and optimise journey patterns; 73% can’t identify blockages in processes that will impact CX

The Asia Pacific regional report also explores tracking customer journeys across multiple channels, technology trends, omnichannel strategies, and the challenges involved in tracking customer journeys. It can be viewed in the full regional report.

Data supremacy

The importance of understanding and harnessing (mass) data is now critical to performance, the number one trend to reshape the industry – Analyse or Die. In Asia Pacific, this year’s report findings include the following:

  • Customer analytics was no1 factor towards positive improvement in last 5 years; it’s been voted no1 for next 5 years
  • Top benefit (63%) of analytics is improving customer journey
  • 57% can now offer customised CX
  • Only 51% have customer analytic systems; 35% possess Big Data analytic solutions
  • 30% using analytics to inform channel/contact management strategy
  • Just 47% have agent analytics; 27% of analytic systems don’t meet current needs

This dimension also looks at trends that will shape CX in the next five years and what business information tools are available, and can be viewed in the full regional report.

Man versus machine

CX robotics in the form of automation, A.I. and IoT are creating a new reality, demanding a new approach. Human cost and productivity is challenged as these capabilities improve. The top 5 channel focus areas include:

  1. Virtual assistant (chat bots)
  2. Proactive automation
  3. Web chat
  4. IoT
  5. Video chat

*Phone volumes globally have dropped by 17% since 2015

This dimension also explores factors driving digital transformation, how technology meets current and future needs, and explores response and handle times. More can be viewed in the full regional report.

To view the full findings for CX Benchmarking in the Asia Pacific region, click here to download the regional report. You can also click here to view the global findings across multiple industries.


Download Asia Pacific report here


Harold Thng

Harold Thng is the Customer Experience Director, ASEAN for Dimension Data Asia Pacific