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Collaboration: turning promises into reality

How far is your organisation on the digital transformation journey? Digital transformation is high on the corporate agenda, since it’s already reshaping the competitive landscape around us.

If you ask any CEO what would be on their wish list, they would include things like greater agility; more productive employees; lower expenses; better engagement with customers and partners; and higher revenues. And if you ask these CEOs how they are achieving these goals, business leaders will point to a digital transformation strategy that has collaboration as a major component. Yet, ask most organisations about collaboration or unified communications (UC), and many will cite costly proprietary silos of technology that are difficult to use, and direct or indirect business return is hard to tangibly gauge.

Dimension Data, in collaboration with Ovum, have recently published the 2016 Connected Enterprise Report – a comprehensive global overview of the state of collaboration implementation strategies, highlighting collaboration trends and disruptions in key markets.

The good. The bad. And the unbelievable.

The Connected Enterprise Report outlines all factors surrounding collaboration – the good (how collaboration is accelerating the digital business), the bad (how collaboration may be falling short), and the unbelievable (the fact that organisations are not harnessing the full potential of collaboration technology).

What’s in the report?

We created this report to help organisations gauge their relative progress in implementing and benefiting from collaboration, compared to other companies. Based on responses from 900 participants in 15 countries, spanning 10 industry sectors, this study provides insights into:

  • enterprises’ strategic goals for collaboration
  • how successful have enterprises been in benefiting from collaboration
  • how collaboration technology is selected
  • what collaboration tools are in use
  • to what degree cloud-based collaboration is a reality or a strategic objective
  • how the migration from UC to collaboration is taking place

We hope that you find this report helpful to unlock the many benefits that collaboration can bring to your organisation. For further information, including an interactive benchmarking analyser tool of the 2016 Connected Enterprise Report results, please see: www.ConnectedEnterpriseReport.com.

Nagi Kasinadhuni

Nagi is the General Manager for the Communications Business Unit, Dimension Data Asia Pacific