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Are you realising the value of your visual communications investments?

It’s a well-known fact that 70% of communication is visual, hence video collaboration is becoming more mainstream. Why then is videoconferecing infrastructure underutilised?

Visual communications solutions can be highly effective if you understand your users, invest in fit-for-purpose tools, address bandwidth concerns and have a clear strategy to ensure success. Your solution must meet the needs and working styles of your users or it won’t be viable.

To get the most from your investment, you also want to procure and manage these tools in a way that suits your business. Your unified communications and collaboration infrastructure and your visual communications (VC) infrastructure (including videoconferencing and telepresence) is meant to improve the speed and quality of communication across different locations. So, why are you struggling to realise the value of your visual communications investments?

Simply put, visual communication success can be described as increased usage and adoption, ease of use, a reliable and working infrastructure … and a faster return on cost-effective investment.

What’s important is that you team with a systems integrator who will work with you to understand your users’ profiles and design a solution that accommodates their requirements. This allows for a customised management or procurement model can include elements of a managed service, hosted or cloud solution.  Your integrator would also provide a clear transition plan to suit your objectives.

Remember, a fully-integrated visual communication strategy can offer great benefits to your business, not the least of which includes:

  • Increased productivity
  • Time efficiency
  • A decreased carbon footprint
  • Cost savings
  • Enhanced business processes (and)
  • Improved communication and collaboration

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Nagi Kasinadhuni

Nagi is the General Manager for the Communications Business Unit, Dimension Data Asia Pacific